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Nine Steps to Making Change Easier

Los Altos Hills Living, February 2021.

Change doesn’t have to be hard; here are some tips to make it a smoother process.

Client Spotlight: MultiView Media

I’m excited to share that one of the start-ups I’ve been working with over the past couple of years, Multiview Media, led by founder/CEO Ray Meadham has launched our multi-camera angle streaming platform. Verizon Media invited us to be one of their spotlight partners a few weeks ago at CES (including a mention by the CEO during his address), and this past weekend we powered a 3-day online fest with one of our partners — JBTV, the long-running music television program aimed at breaking new acts. JBTV provided historic content from its extensive archives and Multiview Media provided its OTT platform to deliver this content at home or via smartphone or tablet – all in a new and interactive way. Featured artists among the two dozen or so during the recent 3-day JBTV Virtual Fest included: Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, BTS, Honne, The Struts, Smashing Pumpkins, Gary Numan, Filter, Portugal the Man, Yungblud, Charli XCX — and others, many of whom played for JBTV early in their careers. Some of the performance footage was pretty rare as a result.

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Set Up Your New Year For Success

Los Altos Hills Living, January 2021.

How to finally shift behaviors/habits/mindsets, honor intentions, and realize some cherished dreams to make 2021 one of your best years ever – really and truly – starting this month.

A Twist on Holiday Celebrations This Year

Los Altos Hills Living, December 2020.

Given the hand we’ve been dealt by Covid-19 this year, many of us may need to come up with alternative plans for how we celebrate the Holidays..

Unexpected Pandemic Gifts

Los Altos Hills Living, October 2020.

A powerful time to reflect on what matters most to you, your family, your work and your world…

Unintended Casualties of the Pandemic

There have certainly been many casualties during the pandemic — loss of life, loss of jobs, and so much more. But small business providers and communities have also been directly impacted by the loss of many vital stores, restaurants, and of service providers. In my own community, I had a favorite restaurant that I frequented several times a week over the past 25 years (kind of like my Cheers) called Hobees. It did not survive. …

Working Remotely, and LOVING It

Los Altos Hills Living, May 2020

As someone who has worked from home for years now, I can attest that there are many ways to set yourself up for success in the current WFH climate. You might end up loving it is as much as I do!

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