{Proximity Is Power}


My connections have stood the test of time and many have grown into bonafide friendships that offer more than just a place in my rolodex
but are actually just a phone call away. Really I am just ONE degree of separation from almost anyone
in music, entertainment, and technology.

“I have in the past, and will continue to recommend Kelli to all my Fortune 100 clients.”

“I have worked with Kelli for the past twenty-five years on a variety of media related projects. Kelli is a consummate strategic alliances professional, and maintains an impressive network of entertainment and technology professionals. Kelli delivers significant value in connecting key influencers and decision makers.

Kelli’s experience at the heart of the music and technology convergence is renowned and highly respected. She has superior relationships with decision makers in the space, and with major artists alike. Given the power to forge partnerships and strategic deals, her work is simply unparalleled. One of my favorite people.”

Ty Roberts

Chief Technology Officer, Universal Music Group

Executives & Innovators


SOME WOULD SAY YOU ARE A MAVERICK, AN INNOVATOR, A VISIONARY, A GAME CHANGER.  People wish they had your life. Inspired by your success, fascinated by your fortune, envious of your talent, captivated by your charisma, LONGING FOR YOUR {PERCEIVED} FREEDOM. It may seem like you have it all, but something is missing…

{Is it Time For A Shift?}

What you’re looking for

As an innovator, you have lots of responsibility to stay current with the changing landscape of technology. The competition moves quickly, and knowing how to get to market quickly with high visibility and ROI is how you’re able to stay ahead of the curve.

What’s getting in your way

But there are so many different avenues to choose from & things evolve quickly; You start with an understanding that MySpace is the best channel to distribute your clients content, the next thing you know it’s a ghost town & yesterday’s news. You’ve learned that no matter what is popular and effective now, it’s almost a guarantee that the next big thing will come and wipe it out sooner than you think. But what IS the next big thing? Who can you trust to point you in the right direction?


What if you had someone who deeply understood the entertainment industry, and had similar bench strength and ties across all facets of the tech industry? Somebody who could introduce you to exactly who you need to make your next project a success? Someone who can cut to the heart of the issue, make a phone call to the right people and deliver immediate results on your behalf?

“Kelli is an extraordinary entrepreneur with a successful track record in the corporate world. She has a phenomenal grasp of holistic principles and is now turning her attention to working with people who would like to expand their business while also expanding their inner life. I trust that anyone who chooses to work with Kelli, will grow spiritually, materially, and professionally. And most of all your life will be better.” 

Alan Cohen 
Best-Selling Author, Master Coach


 Musicians & Creatives

You have {not yet} accomplished all that you have set out to do

That persistent little whisper has turned into a ROAR

To climb the next mountain, to play on a new stage.

To reinvent yourself.

What you’re looking for

You’ve been at the forefront of music history. You’ve changed lives with your art. You’re a global icon. But something is missing — you don’t feel the same connection to your fans that you once did. You’re seeking new revenue paths but don’t know what they are. The landscape is changing and maybe not for the better. But you know you feel the need to get back to your roots and create history… again.

What’s getting in your way

Sometimes you get a feeling that you may lack relevancy in this new era of digital entertainment. You still have the same passion for your music but are unsure of how to rekindle it in a way that those millions of fans out there will be able to connect with. You’ve been down this path before and might have even gotten cheated or taken advantage of. You know there’s a way to do it, but there are so many options.  You’re uncertain about the ways to engage with and monetize your fans in the digital age.


What if you had someone who could eliminate the confusion for you, and show you that you’re just as relevant now as you ever were? A guide, someone from your world who “gets” you, and will show you how to navigate the endless options of digital/online/mobile entertainment and new revenue streams, with a deep passion for the soul of music & creativity and what they stand for. Someone with ties in the industries that you need to get back into the spotlight, or generate buzz or revenues for your next big project? You would be able to build momentum, reach a broader global audience, make more money, and get back into your groove. And you could get back to what it is you do best… making art and making history.

“I’ve known Kelli for many years, and one thing I can say for sure is that she understands established artists — she’s spent a huge amount of her career and energies supporting us by participating in the development of new technologies, new distribution strategies, new ways for us to engage directly with our fans, and new ways to monetize our work and our brands. As importantly, she resonates with us as artists — she understands at a deep visceral level what makes us tick, and is deeply & authentically committed to serving us to truly be working and living in a way that serves our deepest passions & is most fulfilling. She’s a gifted strategist and well-connected. If you’re an established musician, you could do no better than to explore the gifts of having a navigator, guide and trusted advisor in Kelli by your side.”
Craig Chaquico

Platinum-selling lead guitarist, Jefferson Starship, Chart-topping, Award-winning solo acoustic guitarist

“Being an independent creative person can sometimes be a treacherous road filled with potholes, peaks and valleys. At various times in my own freelance career I’ve found myself stranded at the intersection of doubt and uncertainty, unsure about my next step.

On a few of these occasions Kelli has given me valuable insights and advice that have gently nudged me back on my path. She ‘gets me’, and she has the experience, the contacts and the credibility to back up her priceless wisdom & invaluable insights.”

Paul Myers Author & Musician, Berkeley, California

As a Trusted Advisor to entertainment executives, innovators in the tech field and musicians, what I really do is bridge worlds.

I’m at the intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and can connect you with who you need to propel your vision and projects to the next level.

Looking for a solution on a corporate, global scale?

I also work with established artists and innovative companies to reach greater levels of access to top talent, influencers & decision-makers, resulting in revenue growth and market penetration.

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