I’m Kelli Richards…


I’ve lived and thrived at the intersection between Silicon Valley and Hollywood for over 25 years. Driven by ideals of collaboration and contribution, I am dedicated to tapping into what makes you unique, and to helping you obliterate barriers that are currently stopping you from gaining massive success in all areas of your life. Over the course of the last decade I have invested heavily in my own personal growth and have created a powerful network of influential game changers, which now benefits my clients {beyond measure.}

Over the last 25 years of my career,

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many people that have been instrumental in defining their respective fields—some have even become iconic. Steve Jobs, Todd Rundgren, Stewart Copeland, Mark Cuban, Sheryl Sandberg, Alan Cohen, Nancy Duarte…have all been personal mentors, colleagues, or clients. What I’ve received from these encounters and experiences, and the richness & depth of these personal relationships, has become a tremendous resource and benefit for my one-on-one clients to leverage.

“Kelli is your universal adapter; the only one you need. If you need to get connected to influencers and innovators in digital music, media & entertainment, Kelli will get you hooked up.”

Todd Rundgren

Pioneering Musician, Record Producer & Tech Visionary

Blaze New Paths & Possibilities

As a consultant, coach, and mentor, I help highly accomplished individuals accelerate their success and fulfill their unrealized goals; develop insightful plans and approaches that blaze new paths and possibilities; and create powerful connections with a broad and deep network of luminaries and influencers from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to Madison Avenue. I am passionate about participating in progressive creativity, and I strive to invoke harmony and possibility in the lives of the individuals I engage with daily. Curiosity, compassion and clarity are touchstones in my life & work. There are opportunities every day to experience life in unremarkable moments—in things that could go unnoticed because they appear to be ordinary, trivial, or mundane. But in reality, these are the things that truly matter. With this alternate view, everyday work, living, and love become inseparably connected. We can begin a process of seeing everyday life for what it is, uncovering layers of meaning, connections, and happiness that have always been around us — we just didn’t know how to find them.  It’s time to discover and reveal those elements within ourselves – when we do that our lives change and we’re able to make a real impact in our world.

It’s all about making amazing things happen each and every day and bringing the magical ingredients into your life that will ignite lasting and transformative change.


Think bigger, connect more deeply, and bring your vision to life


Make game-changing decisions and deals that result in truly unprecedented opportunities


Nurture your passions, play to win big, and start living the life you've always dreamed of


Experience richer insights and achieve better outcomes that give your life more meaning and make it more authentic

“I’ve known Kelli for over 25 years, she and I have engaged as colleagues and peers. I find her to be an innovative and passionate leader who knows how to drive change.”
Nancy Duarte

CEO & Author, Duarte, Inc.

A History of Innovation

My rich history in the music industry, my many years at Apple (having launched & run the music and entertainment focus there), and my long-term relationships with key players in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, combined with my expertise as an innovator and an advisor, make me a catalyst for the perfect storm. I offer powerful strategic insights, creative out-of-the-box thinking & problem solving. I work my magic facilitating business deals in digital distribution between innovative technology companies, talent, media companies and brands in order to deliver compelling consumer experiences & create new revenue streams. As a “super connector” & strategist with a deep network of long-term relationships with prominent leaders & unprecedented access to exceptional individuals in tech and entertainment, I envision and execute everything I touch on a very big scale. Simply put, on any given day I’m a creative problem solver, and many have said  I make the impossible happen. As a trusted advisor, I’m a conduit for transforming the quality of my clients’ lives. I am also the author of several published books including “The Magic and Moxie of Apple: An Insider’s View” and co-author of “The Art of Digital Music.”

If you’re more interested in how I can serve your company, come check me out at my company, The All Access Group, where I act as a super-connector and consultant on a global, corporate scale.

Your “catalyst for a perfect storm”

My intention and motivation is to be a catalyst for you to accomplish your ambitions, aspirations, and as yet {un}realized dreams.

What if I were your Trusted Advisor...

“Kelli is an extraordinary entrepreneur with a successful track record in the corporate world. She has a phenomenal grasp of holistic principles and is now turning her attention to working with people who would like to expand their business while also expanding their inner life. I trust that anyone who chooses to work with Kelli, will grow spiritually, materially, and professionally. And most of all your life will be better.”
Alan Cohen

Best-Selling Author, Master Coach