You’re here to make an impact.

You’re here to make an impact.

You’ve already achieved so much. Some would say you’re a maverick, an innovator, a visionary, a game changer… and likely a renaissance person (like myself!).

You’ve had multiple careers, multiple passions, and love to work on multiple projects at the same time.

You’re at the top of your field(s) and are constantly reinventing yourself.

So what happens when you hit a wall?

When you know you’re playing too small or too safe and otherwise limiting your options?

When you sense a pivot or a second wind is in your future, but you can’t quite see what it is, let alone know how to get there?

Well, simply put, we meet.


I’m Kelli Richards, and my life’s work has been steeped in the intersection of the tech, music, and entertainment industries, working to advise, boost, and reinvent leaders like you for decades. I know the secrets to entering new markets, scaling your business, creating your dream connections, and reinventing your life, career or your company.
My clients have had extraordinary success as leaders, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, corporate execs, visionaries, musicians, celebrities & best-selling authors. They’ve built and sold mega-million dollar businesses, some are high net worth individuals (many others aren’t) — but they’ve all established a lifestyle and legacy (or want to!).

When they need help & are contemplating what’s next, I am the one they call…

How I got my start

Since I was 8 years old, I wanted to be the person behind making others great. To draw their magic and purpose out and share it with the world. It all started when I caught George Martin on TV with the Beatles, and then started reading all I could about what he was doing — what the role of the producer was — and his contributions. I was hooked. I thought I was going to be a record producer from then on; seriously!

I was fortunate to grow up in Cupertino — home of Apple HQ — in Silicon Valley, which at the time was filled with apricot orchards. At the age of 16 while I was still in high school, I approached Steve Jobs at a local cafe, and he accepted my request for him to be my mentor — which changed my life. That pivotal relationship lasted over 30 years until his passing. During that time, I put myself through college working at GPI Publications (Guitar Player, Keyboard & Bass Magazines), and then moved to LA to be in the heart of the music industry and kick-start my career.

Los Angeles allowed me a bigger playing field to become an even better networker, which led to an opportunity as a young A&R exec at EMI Music in Hollywood, discovering and managing talent for the label’s roster of artists. I spent a couple of years there before going to work at Apple where I launched and ran their earliest endeavors in music and entertainment.

In the earliest days of digital media, I bridged together the tech and music/entertainment worlds, becoming known as a visionary innovator in those converging industries. Steve Jobs himself used to tell me that I could see around corners and envision possibilities and outcomes as a visionary that few others could.

“What I get about you is that from a young age you were bright, you were precocious, you saw things that most people couldn’t see, and you weren’t afraid to say things that other people were afraid to say. You watched the Beatles being successful, and unlike others who wanted to be The Beatles, you said ‘I want to be the person behind the Beatles’. You think differently. No surprise that if we fast forward a little bit, when you thought ‘I need a mentor’ you sought out Steve Jobs. You aim high when you’re doing anything; go big or go home. You sought out Steve Jobs because, even from a young age, you knew you could approach anyone if you come from a place that I’ve got something of value for you — or I know something about you — this isn’t someone trying to take something from them.

Aiming high and being fearless about opening doors is what makes you a super-connector. It’s who you’ve always been. You’re a super-connector in two ways — 1) in how you’re not afraid to connect with people, but 2) from a young age you saw there was an overlap between content and technology, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and you operated at that thin sliver between them — literally driving and thriving at the cutting edge of that convergence early on before most could envision them coming together. You have a super-power of connecting ideas and concepts from different worlds.”

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- Rich Litvin

Owner, The Litvin Group
Coach to World Class Top Performers

With my rich history in the music industry, my many years at Apple, and my long-term relationships with key players between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, my clients get unique access to my expertise, powerful, strategic insights, out-of-the-box thinking, trend forecasts, connections to decision makers and creative solutions to solve virtually any problem.

My unique multidimensional approach

Since Apple, I’ve worked with a range of disruptive, innovative start-ups, and Fortune 100 companies as an advisor, consultant, and sometimes as an acting VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. I’ve spent decades envisioning, identifying and unlocking the value of emerging technologies and corresponding new revenue streams for artists and fans, record labels, media companies and brands – and other stakeholders across this ever-evolving ecosystem of technology, music and entertainment in the digital age.

I provide guidance to management on their game plans and go-to-market strategies, and then foster the strategic alliances and partnerships they need to accelerate their success. Along the way, I’ve also acted as a celebrity wrangler and talent producer for numerous award shows, private high net worth fundraisers and corporate events.

As a CXO whisperer to leaders, innovators and creatives as individuals, I ask powerful questions that help them to frame issues in new ways, generate big picture thinking, and serve as a trusted advisor and sounding board to help them brainstorm new possibilities and solve challenging issues with greater clarity, ease and peace of mind.

I advise them with the insights, connections and practical strategies they need to reinvent themselves, grow their businesses, monetize their brand in new ways, and to pivot toward more fulfillment in lifestyle and legacy. My experience has always been at the synthesis of creative, business and tech innovation, integrating the right and left brain, and leveraging connections. My clients benefit from this unique perspective, orientation and approach.

Some have called me a ‘multi-dimensional thinker’ and it serves my clients to leverage someone like me as a strategic trusted advisor and thought partner. Not everyone needs a year of deep coaching. They really need someone to challenge their thinking, ask key questions, re-frame their circumstances, and ideate powerful solutions. Some of my clients have been rock stars, tech innovators and billionaires as entrepreneurs, some have built and run multi-million dollar businesses. Others have created profound songs or products that have moved and impacted generations.

When they have needed help or were ready to pivot and re-invent themselves I’m the one they call. If you want someone to push you and stretch you – intellectually and emotionally – then we should talk.

In other words, like a human compass when you’re ready for “what’s next,” I take you where you want to go.

Over the last 25 years of my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with many people who have been instrumental in defining their respective fields—some have even become iconic. Steve Jobs, Todd Rundgren, Stewart Copeland, Paul McCartney, Prince, Alan Cohen, Alan Weiss, Michael Jackson and many others have all been personal mentors, colleagues, or clients. I have unparalleled connections to some of the most influential people in the world, including many tech leaders and innovators, media execs, and iconic celebrities and musicians. I’ve forged long-term trusted relationships with many of these individuals, and have the industry background & credibility to open doors and foster connections in a way few others can.

Fostering pivotal connections

As a super connector and strategist with a deep network of long-term relationships with prominent leaders and high level access to exceptional individuals in tech and entertainment, I envision and execute everything I touch on a very big scale.

I work my magic facilitating business deals in digital distribution between innovative technology companies, talent, media companies, and brands in order to deliver compelling consumer experiences and create new revenue streams. Working with my clients, I create new business models, new innovations and new alliances that create engaging experiences that inform, entertain, surprise and delight consumers.

I’m a source for best practices and new ideas. Simply put, on any given day I’m a creative problem solver and super connector, and many have said that I make the impossible happen.

Honored as a “Top 100 Woman of Influence” by Silicon Valley Business Journal, I pride myself on staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening across industries. My guest articles have been featured in the likes of Forbes, Fortune, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Inc, and Fast Company among others. My long running podcast, “All Access Radio”, is known for its candid interviews with a wide range of tech and entertainment colleagues and luminaries. I have also authored several books including the best-selling The Magic & Moxie of Apple – An Insider’s View, and The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists & Insiders Reveal Their Creative Secrets. The latter was written in collaboration with David Battino with a foreword by Stewart Copeland of The Police.

Making new directions possible

One of our marketing slogans during my many years as an Apple exec was “Changing the World One Person at a Time” and that has become my personal mantra.

Changing the world means doing something different, and to change we have to commit to moving beyond our comfort zone. We have to believe in and commit to something bigger than ourselves. We have to step into the future we want and create from there, rather than continuing to do the same thing we’ve always done and hoping to somehow get a different result. We have to ignore the voice in our heads telling us it’s selfish to be successful and still want more — and instead, embrace our passions and purpose…

What if you listened to the voice prodding you toward connection and contribution, and not the one telling you to hide and play small and ’safe'?

No one knows the whole route in advance. But I bet you know the next step. If you don’t I can help you figure it out as you continue to pivot, evolve, grow and take action on what’s next in your journey.

I work with innovative leaders and creatives who:

If that’s YOU, apply here for an exploratory chat on what’s next for you.

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