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Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, MD

“Kelli is a true visionary. Her insights and advice provided game-changing direction for me and my organization during a key transition period. She is a true connector of people across nearly every industry and does an incredible job of opening up possibilities. She is a joy to work with!”

Dr Shoshana Ungerleider, MD
Founder, End Well

Keith Elliott

“Working with Kelli greatly accelerated and brought my dream of a career switch to reality. She has many tools immediately ready at her disposal. To name just a few: perspective, connection, confidence and belief in myself and in what was possible. What helped me the most was maintaining a clear sense of where I was going and what I had already accomplished during my rapid transformation, the connections that she was able to facilitate that made my switch effortless, and her belief in my ability to do what I had set out to do — and more. I’m grateful!”

Keith Elliott
Post Production Technical Director, Ringling College of Art & Design, Owner, Audio Engineer, Resonant Rhythm

Matt Adell

“Kelli is a trusted advisor and connector in my career and life. Having been relatively successful in my corner of the music business, after selling a company I wanted to explore new opportunities in work and life. Working with Kelli gave me the insight and freedom to enact a number of creative endeavors I had been putting off for too long. She has also provided me with connections to leaders and influencers across Music and Tech to create my next adventure. Regularly connecting with Kelli has been truly transformative for me. I’ve learned how to maintain an effective work-life balance, and am now able to appreciate and enjoy those small moments that make life worthwhile and that matter the most to me.”

Matt Adell
Former Chief Digital Officer, Native Instruments, Founder & CEO, Metapop, Former CEO, Beatport

Joyce Stoer Cordi

“Kelli’s guidance has showed me creative and inspired possibilities I’d never have considered to take my brand/presence to the national stage as a political analyst and commentator.  As importantly, she’s taught me to believe in myself, how to get out of my own way, and to think and act on a grander scale.  She’s opened doors to opportunities and influencers for me that I never dreamed I could engage with & I’m truly grateful.”

Joyce Stoer Cordi
Radio Talk Show Host & Founder, Reimagine America

Jamie Hultgren

“Probably the most beneficial thing in working with Kelli has been that I’ve had someone I trust/respect who I share similar belief system with to touch bases with as a high level thinker/conspirer and ‘outside eye’. I have also appreciated and benefited from the accountability structure she has created for me. I’m noticing time more (valuing it more, enjoying it more, worrying about it less, but also being cognizant of using it well) as a result. I’m acutely aware of the progress that I’ve made in personal and professional growth as a result of our work, and am grateful for the partnerships and connections I’ve made courtesy of Kelli’s intros that are (and will be) valuable to me in future ventures and endeavors.”

Jamie Hultgren
Creative Director/Buyer/Strategist - Enze Apparel

Maci Peterson Philitas

“I hired Kelli as an advisor to help me assert myself as the business leader I know I’m destined to become. Her creativity, patience, and loyalty were exactly what I needed as she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Kelli has continued to work tirelessly to help me achieve both my personal and professional goals.”

Maci Peterson Philitas
Founder & CEO, On Second Thought

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"Kelli Richards is an important resource in my world!

Many are the times that I have benefitted from her insights, advice and connections. She’s particularly helpful to those who are contemplating their 'second act' in life & work.”

Stewart Copeland Musician, Composer & Drummer for The Police

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