{What if…}

You had a trusted advisor & super-connector at the intersection of Hollywood & Silicon Valley, who could help you thrive?

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TO A TRUSTED NETWORK BETWEEN INDUSTRIES Get connected with powerful individuals and influencers to gain strategic insights, accelerate traction and momentum, generate buzz, and more.

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TRANSFORM THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE Need to shift gears? You can rely on honesty, fresh ideas, direction and accountability when taking on your next challenge or bold endeavor.

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Trends & Insights

ON THE LATEST IN TECH AND ENTERTAINMENT Stay in sync with cutting edge trends and innovation you need to know about, and get a backstage all access pass to the people that are driving key changes behind the scenes.

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Wouldn’t it be a Relief…

If you had someone that could open doors and awaken possibilities in you?

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“Kelli Richards is an important resource in my world!

Many are the times that I have benefitted from her insights, advice and connections. She’s particularly helpful to those who are contemplating their ‘second act’ in life & work.”

Stewart Copeland Musician, Composer & Drummer for The Police

Looking for a solution on a corporate, global scale?

I also work with established artists and innovative companies to reach greater levels of access to top talent, influencers & decision-makers, resulting in revenue growth and market penetration.

If you’re interested in learning more about my consulting and super-connector services, check out my company The All Access Group.

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