Author: Kelli Richards

The Many Benefits of Seeing New Possibilities, Feb. 2023 – Having access to fresh ideas and possibilities can help to broaden your horizons, expand your thinking, and enhance your ability to adapt to change and stay relevant in a constantly evolving world.

January Can Be a Challenging Month for Many, Jan. 2023 – Let’s aim for a sense of wholeness in all areas of our life where the primary goals are contentment and a sense of feeling fulfilled.

Some of My Favorite Holiday Traditions, Dec. 2022 – During this festive season, it’s a good time to celebrate and reflect upon the many gifts in our lives like great friends and colleagues.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part, Nov. 2022 – What’s stopping you or holding you back from what you most want to manifest for yourself?

Choose to Prioritize What Really Matters, August 2022 – We can choose to prioritize what matters most, and to surround ourselves with kindred spirits and loved ones; and that can make all the difference in a life well lived.

Celebrate the Everyday Gifts, July 2022 – Among life’s challenges there are everyday gifts. We just have to remember to see them. Here are a few examples.

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