Trisha Bright

“Kelli has been an invaluable resource to me as I’ve made the transition from corporate executive to tech startup entrepreneur, providing valuable guidance to me both personally and professionally. With her extensive business and cross-industry experience, she asks just the right questions to get me thinking about my business in new and impactful ways. She also provides excellent and insightful recommendations both about strategy and execution. One of her greatest talents is her ability to help you get clear and more focused around your goals, while also ensuring that you maintain a healthy and balanced life. She is also a super connector, and is incredibly generous about making introductions to influential people who can help advance your business. I highly recommend Kelli to anyone that’s looking to accelerate their business, get clarity on their personal or professional direction (their ’next move’), and is serious about performing at their top of their game in all areas of their life.”

– Trisha Bright

Founder & CEO, GoodSocial, Inc.