Craig Chaquico

“I’ve known Kelli for many years, and one thing I can say for sure is that she understands established artists — she’s spent a huge amount of her career and energies supporting us by participating in the development of new technologies, new distribution strategies, new ways for us to engage directly with our fans, and new ways to monetize our work and our brands. As importantly, she resonates with us as artists — she understands at a deep visceral level what makes us tick, and is deeply & authentically committed to serving us to truly be working and living in a way that serves our deepest passions & is most fulfilling. She’s a gifted strategist and well-connected. If you’re an established musician, you could do no better than to explore the gifts of having a navigator, guide and trusted advisor in Kelli by your side.”

– Craig Chaquico

Platinum-Selling Lead Guitarist, Jefferson Starship, & Award-Winning Solo Acoustic Guitarist