Avery Piantedosi

Kelli, it’s honestly a bit challenging to describe the impact you’ve had on me succinctly since we began working together; you’ve held me to a higher standard and made me a better leader, sharing tips, tools, strategies and ideas I would never have thought of on my own. When I first considered collaborating with you, I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. While I was aware of your holistic approach to client relationships, I was particularly drawn to your extensive connections in the tech industry, believing they would bring significant benefits to me (and they have!). 

After over a year of working together, I can confidently assert that your true value lies not solely in your amazing connections, but in your remarkable ability to expand my own thinking about the potential for both my company and myself. That, indeed, has been the real magic that others could overlook to their peril. While you undoubtedly have the power to open extraordinary doors, the most significant door you’ve opened for me was the one leading to my own possibilities, instilling in me the realization of my worthiness to pursue them. Working alongside you, both pragmatically and energetically, has been a gift and a blessing, one I am certain will resonate throughout my lifetime. I’m more fully in my sovereignty and my agency, and my confidence level has risen tenfold. I’m truly grateful for all you’ve done for me to this point, and I look forward to many years of collaborating together ahead.

– Avery Piantedosi

Founder & CEO, Lifeknight & LOIS