Abby Lehman

“When Kelli and I began our journey together, I was so anxious to make a name for myself and to create greater alignment between who I am as a person and what I do in the world. I was in a perpetual knot of confusion, anxiety and stress. I am confident that working with Kelli spared me YEARS of wandering in the wilderness in my journey toward self-actualization and self-transcendence.

I can now say: I am a recognized global change maker who makes a positive difference on several scales. The impact of my projects is felt in nations, cities, and communities around the globe. I am a sought-after coach, consultant, and speaker who has been invited to share my voice and experiences internationally. I’ve been asked to help advise on global initiatives that advance humanity and usher us into a newer, better future. It’s what I’ve dreamed of and so much more.

This wouldn’t have been possible without much of the foundational work Kelli and I did on my relationship to self, my relationship to my past, and a re-alignment with the best version of myself. My deep work with Kelli helped me better identify and re-engage in the many places in my life where I was stuck and surrendering my personal power. With her support, I made powerful strides in re-balancing several key dynamics I was unknowingly creating and perpetuating.

By working with someone of Kelli’s level of awareness, achievement, and insight – she helped me get out of my own way to identify and claim my place and my sovereignty – something that’s eluded me for more than 15 years! This was huge.

Lastly, Kelli helped me to accept and embrace that my impact is meant to be – and in fact, must be – collective, global, and intergenerational. Whenever I doubted myself, fearing I was being self-important or grandiose (or just plain scared of living into my full potential), she would set me straight every time. She cares deeply and really believes in me and my success wholeheartedly. Thank you, Kelli, for helping me set the trajectory for my next chapter, and beyond! “

– Abby Lehman

Abby Lehman, LLC