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“Kelli’s contributions as co-producer of ‘MusicBiz 2005’ have been essential. Her relationships and management of them, as well as her conceptual abilities have been a cornerstone of the business we have been developing. I can’t imagine that it (the conference) would have happened without her. For starters, she brings a tremendous understanding of the market, a stellar reputation, loyal relationships among the leaders in the field, highly developed written and oral communication skills, untiring work ethic, excellent team building skills, and total reliability. Needless to say, it has been a pleasure to work with Kelli and I am completely satisfied with the experience. I would absolutely recommend her to business colleagues, though I hesitate to see her drift too far away…I’d like to continue working with her myself!”

– David Schwartz

Former Chairman of Music in Schools Today
Former Editor of Mix Books

“Allow me to share with you some of how I perceive the unique value you bring to the table. You bring such a heartful connection along with a sharp, quick, and precise understanding that it feels like you entered our world and joined us there. That alone is quite special and unique. But it is coupled with a creative and masterful sense of what is possible and what is needed next to bring it there. You extended and expanded our vision beyond the current horizon we saw, and that was both delightful and inspiring. And of course, you truly are a super connector — second to none. The vast wealth of connections, personal relationships, and deep and varied experience you weave into your work is simply invaluable.”

– Jeffrey Rutstein

Clinical Psychologist & Co-Creator, New Initiation Training

 “I have found Kelli Richards to offer a unique combination of skills and insights. With each project we have worked on together, Kelli has surprised me with a level of connectedness to both the industry and the personalities we were involved with–the recording industry, the film industry, digital media–even the automotive industry. I value our professional relationship and am always curious to see what Kelli has going next.”

– Henry Eshelman

Platform Media Group
Former SVP & Managing Director, Baker/Winokur/Ryder PR

Kelli Richards’ knowledge of the digital content market is as deep as her network of key contacts is wide. She is a truly professional guide in a complex and rapidly evolving environment.”

– Nic Garnett

Nic Garnett, Principal, Interight
Former CEO of IFPI

Kelli is truly amazing: she knows so much about every angle of the entertainment business, she has a network that’s larger and more active than anyone I know, and she is very diligent and tenacious, yet fun to work with and a pleasure to be around.”

– Gerd Leonhard

Global Futurist,, CEO, The Futures Agency
Former Founder & CEO of Think and Link

Kelli takes the concept of strategic alliances (i.e. “dot-connecting”) to a whole new level. Having driven digital music initiatives for Apple for nearly a decade, and having worked closely with marquee musicians and other creative leaders and digital music technologists across the entire ecosystem– Kelli’s rolodex is truly among the most impressive I’ve come across.

When she named her advisory firm “All Access Group,” she wasn’t kidding! Kelli brings the talent of an artist, the business sense of an executive, and the experience of a veteran to every project she elects to undertake.

My firm (Cogentic Advisors, started collaborating with Kelli beginning in 4Q 2008, and we’ve since formed a highly synergistic alliance — we are working together to tackle several large capital raise projects, and helping many of our clients accelerate their performance through strategic business development across the digital media ecosystem. When dealing with industry leaders, it helps to know that you are working with the best. A true professional, with the utmost integrity — and a balanced life — Kelli has achieved what most can only dream about. We’re proud to have her as a primary strategic alliance partner & collaborator.”

– Robert Yamashita

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Cogentic

“Kelli is amazing, not only because she is a successful business woman, self-made and great at what she does; but more so, because she is intelligent, productive, insightful and truly has a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape, in which so many others become lost. If you want to find the smartest way forward, just follow Kelli.”

– Peter Rafelson

President, Rafelson Media

“Kelli knew what ‘convergence’ meant when most people thought it referred to the intersection of the 101/237 (Bay Area) freeways. She has been deep in what the Internet has now become since the beginning (even before the beginning with things like music and CD-ROM multimedia). She’s a great strategic thinker and networker, and it has been a pleasure to work with her and keep in touch through the years. I highly recommend her and her company, The All Access Group.”

– Brad Cooper

Founder & CEO, Human Radius (fellow Apple Alum colleague)

“Kelli’s no-nonsense approach to the world of technology and entertainment marketing is very much appreciated in an ever-changing business and media world. Her attention to detail and enthusiastic embrace of the evolving nuances of the new media space make her the ideal sounding-board. I look forward to continuing to work with Kelli in the future.”

– Kimberly King Burns

Founding Partner & CEO, CONVERGENZ/Solutions

Kelli, thank you so much for helping us get unbelievable auction items for the Northern Virginia Family Services gala over the years. The signed guitars from Imagine Dragons, KISS and Brad Paisley were huge hits, as were the items from Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Bette Midler & many others. Families at risk in the DC region are now better off because of your help.”
Fred Diamond Video Testimonial:

– Fred Diamond

Principal, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing

“Truly a force of nature and not to be missed, the tools and insight provided by Kelli in this podcast should be required listening for any Pyramind student and should not be missed by anyone considering a career in music!

This was one of the most amazing presentations in this series, and Pyramind hopes to bring Kelli back for another presentation. Her frank insights were embraced by all of the students, and as many of the technologies she spoke about become the “norm” in today’s music industry, Pyramind hopes she will pay us a few more visits.” (Listen to replay:

– Greg Gordon

President, Pyramind and NARAS Trustee

“Kelli Draws a Crowd!  I’ve received tons of e-mails claiming our podcast interview was the very best.  It was great fun having you; let’s do it again soon!”

– Jim Griffin

Co-Host, Smartest Person in the Room podcast
Owner, Cherry Lane

“What can I say? We asked Kelli for an intro to a couple of managers once, and got back some of the biggest names who all responded to us straight away. She’s a magician!

– Steve Mayall

Founder/Director, MusicAlly

Kelli has proven to be an excellent resource for Red Herring Events. She contacted over 50 musicians and celebrities for our Herring on Hollywood event. Kelli is both professional and a pleasure to work with. With her assistance, we were able to book the musician Ice-T to speak on the music panel. We will definitely be using Kelli’s services for future events.”

– Beth Curran

Event Producer, Red Herring Magazine

Probably the most beneficial thing in working with Kelli has been that I’ve had someone I trust/respect who I share similar belief system with to touch bases with as a high-level thinker/conspirer and ‘outside eye’. I have also appreciated and benefited from the accountability structure she has created for me. I’m noticing time more (valuing it more, enjoying it more, worrying about it less, but also being cognizant of using it well) as a result. I’m acutely aware of the progress that I’ve made in personal and professional growth as a result of our work, and am grateful for the partnerships and connections I’ve made courtesy of Kelli’s intros that are (and will be) valuable to me in future ventures and endeavors.”

– Jamie Hultgren

Creative Director/Buyer/Fashion Designer, Enze Apparel

“I engaged Kelli during a pivotal time during my career, and I cannot imagine having navigated so many storms without her unwavering support and guidance.  She helped me refind my conviction and “use my power” as I moved from a large corporate role to a CEO role.  During each of our sessions she would offer great ideas to stay ahead of the curve and in control of my story and messaging. She pushed me further and higher than anyone I’ve ever worked with before.  For anyone at a crossroads or in need of a career boost, Kelli is unparalleled.  I value her real world perspective and because she comes from direct experience her advice is relevant, actionable and effective.  I wouldn’t be where I am now without Kelli’s support!”

– Shauna McIntyre

CEO, Sense Photonics

“I have known Kelli for well over a decade. I consider her to be one of our generation’s greatest and most innovative technology leaders. Kelli is a forward thinker who keeps us all motivated with her positive and ethical values. I’m proud to have maintained a healthy long term business relationship with her, and am honored to call her an advisor and a friend.”

– Eren Niazi

CEO, Open Source Storage

Kelli’s guidance has showed me creative and inspired possibilities I’d never have considered to take my brand/presence to the national stage as a political analyst and commentator. As importantly, she’s taught me to believe in myself, how to get out of my own way, and to think and act on a grander scale. She’s opened doors to opportunities and influencers for me that I never dreamed I could engage with & I’m truly grateful.”

– Joyce Stoer Cordi

Radio Talk Show Host & Founder, Reimagine America

Kelli is a true visionary. Her insights and advice provided game-changing direction for me and my organization during a key transition period. She is a true connector of people across nearly every industry and does an incredible job of opening up possibilities. She is a joy to work with!”

– Dr Shoshana Ungerleider

MD & Founder, End Well

Kelli is an incredible strategic partner for anyone who wants to embark on a new career &/or life path — or significantly redesign their existing one. She believes in your talents but she also can see blind spots or hidden mis-perceptions that may be holding you back. Kelli helped me to gain confidence in myself and together we created a strategy that could bring feasible results as I move from being a consultant to a coach. Her approach with me was to tap into my growth mindset and to set up a plan to come up with the results by supporting key milestones and celebrating achievements. Kelli is a fun and enjoyable person to work with. She is truly a trusted partner for someone who wants to reach their next level of personal and professional mastery.”

– Elena Vassilieva

Scrum Expert & Agile Coach

Kelli, you’re a great business coach, and anybody who’s even remotely related to your field of entertainment or technology, or music particularly, they need to call you, no doubt about it.”

– Libby Gill

Branding Expert and CEO of Libby Gill & Co.

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being mentored and coached by Kelli. During our time working together I found Kelli to be very professional, insightful, tough and extremely helpful. She helped me in multiple areas of my life and we systematically worked on improving each of these areas with education, instruction and goal management. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have achieved the level of success that I did without Kelli’s help. The change in both my professional and personal life has been nothing short of dramatic.”

Bob S.

San Jose, CA

“Kelli’s wholehearted support and belief in me absolutely made the difference in my success as she coached me to a level of vibrancy and authenticity in my life that I didn’t know were possible! As Kelli held me accountable, my self-responsibility escalated to that of outstanding. Kelli’s encouragement motivated and challenged me to really stretch my goals and continue to take on more each week. Her compassion created a safe area for me to courageously face my fears and vulnerabilities, guiding me to a place of amazing empowerment. Thanks to Kelli’s excellent coaching every area of my life is now fun, fulfilling, inspired and purposeful.”

– Linda K.

La Jolla, CA

“Kelli is a very clear, honest, and direct life coach. Her intuitive presence empowered me to reach deep inside myself to find my own answers. Kelli’s laser-focused attention led me to deeper clarity around my authentic self. Throughout our journey together, I experienced her support as unwavering and profoundly wise. I’ll always be grateful for Kelli in my life.”

– Michele L.

Tiburon, CA

Kelli’s guidance and support was instrumental in getting me on track for the life I’ve been dreaming of. In the months we worked together, I bought a house, lost weight, increased communication in my relationships and got clarity around my goals and the subsequent requirements to achieve them.”

– Sarah C.

Mountain View, CA

Kelli is committed to excellence and success and shows this in her coaching through rigorous and unflinching honesty that goes bone deep. I found her to be extremely supportive and I accomplished an incredible amount in the time that I was coached by her.”

– Clare B.

Vancouver, BC

“I’ve engaged with Kelli at three different companies for a variety of different projects connecting technology and the entertainment space, and have always found her to be straightforward, easy to work with, well connected and responsive to the individual needs and requirements of a company’s current business situation. Because she has spent her career working with both high-profile brands and high-profile entertainers, Kelli is particularly adept at creating and communicating sales and marketing strategies that work well for both creatives and business leaders. She’s equally at ease in talking about digital technology with engineers, business strategy with executives, and tactical details with an event planner, which make her a powerful asset for a wide range of projects within technology and entertainment.”

– Greg Estes

GM, Media & Entertainment, Nvidia
VP of Marketing, Nvidia
Former VP of Marketing at Mozes

“I have worked closely with Kelli over the years. She is dedicated, committed and completely focused on everything she works on. She is a trusted colleague, a valued friend, and a reliable source for strategic information in this new age of digital music and entertainment.

– Denzyl Feigelson

Founder & CEO,
Music Synergist at iTunes (Apple Inc) & Original Member of the iTunes team
Former Founder & CEO of AWAL – Artists Without a Label
Former Manager of Kenny Loggins, Paul Simon & Other Major Artists

“I have worked closely with Kelli over the years. She is dedicated, committed and completely focused on everything she works on. She is a trusted colleague, a valued friend, and a reliable source for strategic information in this new age of digital music and entertainment.

– Dave Jaworski

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Teams Strategic Engineering
Former COO & CTO, The Lifebook Company
Former CEO of PassAlong Networks

“Kelli and I have worked together very effectively during the past couple of years. I brought her on board primarily to assist my division at Philips in securing content deals for our Connected Home product line. We put her extensive connections in the entertainment industry to good use, and she was instrumental in establishing some great relationships for us with all of the major record labels, as well as helping to secure key content deals with many of the top leading aggregators including AOL Entertainment,, Radio Free Virgin, Yahoo, Film,, and among several others.

She also did comprehensive outreach directly to roughly 100 or so top name artists offering them a new vehicle for reaching their fans through our connected home devices. Her rich knowledge, experience, and connections combined — both in entertainment and in technology — have been a great asset for us. Kelli has proven herself to be a valuable resource and extension of my team, and I look forward to continuing our work together for Philips as we move forward.”

– Jean-Marc Matteini

Director, Strategic Product Management at Faurecia
Former VP & Head of Consumer Products, Devicescape Software
Former GM of Connected Home Division at Philips Consumer Electronics

“Kelli has spearheaded our transatlantic interests with a speed and tenacity that is breathtaking. Her remarkable access to platinum-level artists and their representatives is already our guarantee of fast-track results, but it’s better than that – Kelli delivers great results! Our business relies on professionalism, respect and trust, and these are qualities that Kelli has augmented and harnessed to our genuine advantage.
I look forward to our continued success in working together, and value Kelli as an important and integral part of my team.
Proven and undoubted ability and track record in the creation of powerful connections across music, entertainment, and new technology. Kelli tells it like it is and she has never failed to deliver on every single project she has advised my organization on.”

– Mel Croucher

CEO, Jeeni, Automata & Deux Ex Machina 2
Former CEO of

“Kelli is a highly valuable resource to our organization. She brings incredible depth of experience with an extremely impressive list of who’s who industry contacts and long-term relationships. Kelli is a creative, strategic thinker who one can always count on to own opportunities from beginning to end. Very results oriented, Kelli executes with focus, accountability, and integrity.”

– John Deegan

Sr Director, Global Partner Development, Microsoft
Former VP of Business Development, PassAlong Networks

“Kelli has a terrific sense of market timing and is vastly well connected to the media and tech industries. The combination of problem solving and door opening skills that Kelli can deliver has solved both specific problems for me as well as providing strategic options at two different companies now. I would recommend any executive who needs business solutions to secure Kelli’s services whether it’s that next big thing or a superstar you’re looking for she and her company will deliver — and in multiples.”

– Brian Hofstetter

Executive Producer, HDR Content (Color a Go-Go)

Former CMO/Founder of Trusight Inc

Former CEO of SEN-CE LLC

Former Director of Marketing at Zoran

In this increasingly connected world, Kelli stands out as a pioneer and an expert – she is one of the best connected people I know. Her ability to put people together and have both parties grow and profit from the relationship is remarkable. For music, entertainment and technology in particular, she has built her reputation on filling a need where everyone succeeds and innovation happens – that’s a powerful and unique skill set.”

– Mike Sanchez

Human Resources Communications at Xiinx
Former Senior Manager, Global Brand Strategy at Cisco
Former Head of Marcom at Silicon Graphics (SGI)

“Mozes engaged Kelli to help us build out our presence in the brand space. We were already the leader in mobile interaction between fans and the music industry, so Kelli’s experience in music and entertainment was a great fit. Kelli did nothing short of a fantastic job helping to educate brands about the power of mobile marketing and the unique experience that Mozes has to connect them to their consumers through music. She is extremely diligent, strategic and creative, and was very proactive working with our sales team to ensure we maximized her extensive network to open as many doors for Mozes as possible. Even when Kelli did not have a specific connection to a target of ours, she was very effective in creating opportunity for us where none had existed previously.

Curtis Thompson

Chief Revenue Officer, Feltsberg
Former VP of Sales at Oracle
Former VP of Sales at Mozes

“As an independent producer, consultant and entrepreneur I have worked with Kelli Richards over the last twenty five years. Kelli’s experience and her ability to keep herself on the pulse of what is happening on the entertainment and technology front has made her consulting, relationships and rolodex invaluable to many, if not all of my efforts. Our work together as consultants (MediaFusion, Inc.) in new media entertainment (The Digital Performance Series), internet ( and technology (SmartNav Systems, Inc.) has been productive as well provided a “value-add” to our clients (and shareholders). I look forward to a long and continued working relationship with Kelli.”

– Jeffrey Diamond

Media-Technologist, Principal, JA Diamond Enterprises
Former Co-Founder & CEO, MediaFusion

“Kelli was instrumental in the development and video-on-demand service. By bringing her strong domain expertise, boundless enthusiasm and “A-list” roster of industry contacts, we were able to establish our name in the media world remarkably fast. Kelli is someone who truly understands what it takes to launch a new service like ours, and will work tirelessly on behalf of her clients to get in the right doors, reach the right people, and communicate the right messages to get the important deals done. We find her to be a highly unusual combination of strategist, sales person, marketer and evangelist and our entire team has enjoyed working with her throughout our growth.”

– Josh Goldman

General Partner, Catapult VC
Former GP at Norwest Venture Partners
Former CEO of Akimbo Systems

“Kelli has the respect and attention of artists and executives alike, bringing both the audience and revenues they need.  She honors her profession beyond the many honors she’s richly earned. She is of service to the digital entertainment community, and has the respect and attention of artists and executives alike, bringing both the audience and revenues they need. If you are looking to work with the best, bring your best to Kelli. She’s a true professional.”

– Jim Griffin

Owner, One House LLC
Former CEO of Cherry Lane Digital
Former CTO of Geffen Records

“Kelli was the Producer of an Interactive Broadcast show for EMN by the name of Music Nexus. She is hard working, and has great industry understanding and contacts. I was extremely satisfied with the results of our business relationship. Kelli always worked hard and completed her work in a quality fashion ahead of schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and business colleagues for future projects.”

– Chad Richard

SVP, Bus & Corp Dev at Yelp
Former Sr Director of Product Marketing, Apple Inc
Former Co-Founder/CEO of SimpleStar

“Kelli worked with us on our Sugar Mama initiative (helps our users earn free minutes of airtime by watching ads or participating in surveys). Kelli collaborated closely with me in particular to reach out to prospective consumer brand sponsors and encourage them to participate with us in this innovative program. Her ability to connect with top execs at these companies and to present the opportunity to them has been welcome and instrumental in helping us to forge long-term relationships with some of the most influential companies aimed at our target sector. We look forward to additional opportunities to involve Kelli in our ongoing initiatives.”

Scott Kelliher

Head of Brand Advertising Partnerships, eBay
Former Chief Development Officer, AOL Tech-Telco Category
Former Head of Corp Dev, Virgin Mobile

“I believe there is a picture of Kelli in the dictionary beside the term “social network.” If you are in the technology industry or the music industry you probably already know Kelli and know how good she is at what she does. Kelli’s knowledge of the music industry and Silicon Valley has earned her the respect of many industry veterans. Kelli is able to leverage her longstanding relationships to accomplish great results for everyone who has the good fortune to work with her.

I first met Kelli while working for an online music distribution company called Artists First. I was so impressed with her work that I asked her to help me launch my next project, Hotshop. At Hotshop, Kelli provided valuable strategic advice and introductions and literally opened doors to opportunities with prominent partners and venture capitalists.”

– Michael Spencer

Founder & CEO, SmartMoney International
Former CEO of Hotshop, LLC

“We engaged Kelli to open doors for us in the content industry. The breadth of relationships which Kelli brings to the table is remarkable, and reaches outside of the US to International markets as well. But beyond this, Kelli is also very aware of the shifts and movements in the thinking of content creators, producers, distributors and service operators, providing her client with a good map of how new messages, new distribution ideas will resonate in the marketplace. Beyond the contacts, Kelli brings the context. I have personally enjoyed working with her, and look forward to many more engagements in the future.”

– Hervé Utheza

Chief Data Strategy, Americas
Head of Media at HERE Technologies
Principal, Herve Utheza Consulting (Digital Media)
Former VP & GM of TV Properties at Orb Networks

“Kelli is a consummate professional, most attentive to relationships with artists, bands, management, and record labels. As anyone who has worked in entertainment knows, it’s an enigmatic industry – one that can pivot on a dime to the whims of popular culture yet conversely can morph slowly over time in other ways. Figuring out the enigma on a daily basis is how Kelli shines. Kelli gets where the industry has been and where it’s going. She’s been awesome in supporting our OnTour product lines, working with new and legacy artists, and helping us build a world-class digital content offering. Kellie is very well connected to the digital world and is a former major label A&R executive, so her strengths are with people. That’s probably why being with her is a great hang, whether she’s speaking on a music or technology panel, or talking over a STBX about music or business. In sum, Kelli’s unique strengths help those around her to bring music back into the music industry, and that’s a great MO for many of us in this industry to assume on a daily basis.”

– Scott Strandell

Senior Director, Global Content, PassAlong Networks

“Kelli is very well organized, energetic, creative, brilliant and has great people skills. Her resume is heavily weighted in technology and media/entertainment as they ‘ve converged. There are abundant opportunities in aggregation of content and new media distribution and monetization technologies, especially in wireless. Owing to her extensive relationships and experience in this space, Kelli can bring great value and leadership to these endeavors.”

– Mark Chasan

Chairman & CEO, AWE Global Inc
Former Founder/Chairman/CEO of Music
Former Chairman and Managing Director of Transformative

“Kelli’s contributions to our business were significant early on in terms of industry networking and general management of marketing communications. She has a long, rich history in the music/technology field and many contacts there accordingly. I was very satisfied with the results of our business relationship and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Kelli has been instrumental in enabling us, as an Australian company, to operate in the US market. Her contacts and her knowledge of how the market operates have opened doors for us in days where they would have otherwise taken weeks, if it were possible for us to open them at all (with VCs, music service providers, and large technology companies alike). She has been a genuine pleasure to work with, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others. We look forward to continuing our productive association with Kelli as we progress further with our efforts.”

– Luke Carruthers

General Partner, 25Fifteen
Former CEO & Co-Founder at HiFinity Systems

“Working with Kelli has been such a pleasure. Her vast network, knowledge of the digital entertainment industry and professionalism is all part of her success. I have been fortunate to learn from Kelli and would recommend her anytime.”

– Tammy Camper

Global People Programs Mgr., Quantum Global Tech
Former Executive Recruiter for Motorola Inc

“Kelli has been instrumental in helping Tapwave establish relationships with top-tier content providers of music and video. She has a knack for bridging the technology and media business worlds, working tirelessly to find a relationship that benefits both. I’ve also found that she seems to know and have the respect of the key decision makers in both environments. Finally, Kelli is simply a pleasure to work with.”

– Scott Lincke

Consumer Products Management Lead, Emerging Products at iRobot
Former Sr Director, Connected TV & Emerging Market Products at Yahoo
Former Sr Director of Multimedia Strategy at Tapwave, Inc

I want to extend my appreciation for the good work that you did in helping hone Wipro’s value proposition to the Entertainment segment, specifically to the film studios and record labels in Southern CA and their parents/subsidiaries on the East Coast. Your guidance and insights to the technical teams in packaging the solutions into a simplified manner was instrumental in the differentiation that was created around Wipro in this segment. The many Wipro introductions that you arranged with key contacts in the industry amongst people who valued your judgment should have a direct bearing in Wipro’s penetration in this segment.

Thanks for your patience in working with us through those tireless hours and multiple iterations to solutions, marketing plans and strategy sessions. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you once again and wish you the best in your future ventures.”

– Kanwar “KD” Singh

Managing Director at Accenture
Former VP at TIBCO Software
Former VP & Global Head, Wipro Technologies

“Kelli worked with us in the Fall of 2009 to kick-start our business development activities in the US. We have been very impressed by her drive and the depth and breadth of her network. As a direct result of her involvement we have made excellent progress and are now in trials and negotiations with some of the leading digital media companies and record labels in the US.”

– David Courtier-Dutton

CEO, Slice the Pie (UK)

“It has really been valuable and rewarding having Kelli on the Storymail team as our virtual ‘Director of Entertainment Alliances’. She has taken ownership of the entertainment vertical for us, and has opened doors for us with many of the most prominent film studios, record labels, artists, TV shows and networks. Her in-depth knowledge of the intersection between the technology and entertainment sectors has made her contributions invaluable to us in understanding market trends, players, and opportunities, and in being the primary business development liaison for us with the entertainment community. Kelli has been able to reach many influential decision makers in a broad range of entertainment companies on our behalf; this has expedited our ability to educate these leaders on how Storymail technology can impact their efforts in a significant fashion. We appreciate Kelli’s help in jump-starting this effort with & for us.”

– Eric Sternberg

President, Sapphire Journeys
Former Sr Marketing Manager, Cisco
Former VP of Marketing at Storymail

“Kelli’s Rolodex, access, and expertise were invaluable to us in a range of projects across the digital media realm. Her willingness to go the extra mile as an extension of our management team opened doors and made her a resource that we relied on. We would recommend her without hesitation.”

– Alex Baker

COO, Riptopia/BP Digital Media

Kelli helped us to research, organize, launch, and develop a crucial part of our business. We were impressed with Kelli’s knowledge of the music industry. Her contacts helped us to quickly analyze our comparative marketing strengths and weaknesses. We learned a great deal from Kelli’s work and were more than satisfied with her performance.”

– Jim Hollenbeck

President, Hollenbeck Associates
Former VP of Marketing & Bus Dev, eStar, Inc

“Working with Kelli makes finding the right connections in the media & entertainment industry look easy. She was able to open doors to leaders in the sector and facilitate conversations with C-level execs, opening previous closed doors. She brought fresh insights, was extremely quick to understand our (automotive) industry and helped us to sharpen and focus our strategy intelligently. It’s been very impactful! We look forward to working with Kelli again in the future”.

– Thijs van Herkhuizen

General Manager
Faurecia Aptoide Automotive

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